TWIN FALLS, Idaho (TIMES NEWS)- The city of Twin Falls should not oppose legalizing marijuana use, a representative with Compassionate Idaho said during Monday’s City Council meeting. Lindsey Rinehart, executive director of Compassionate Idaho addressed the council.

The Times News reports Rinehart argued in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, saying it was a safer and cheaper option to treat patients in pain. The council is considering signing a resolution to oppose legalized marijuana. The resolution would urge the federal government to enforce all existing drugs laws. The Idaho Senate attempted to pass a similar resolution the legislative session, but the motion on a 13-21 vote.

Elisha Figueroa, administrator for the Idaho Office on Drug Policy, responded to the presentation saying that legalized medical marijuana was compassion at too high of a cost. The council did not make a decision during Monday’s meeting. Mayor Greg Lanting reminded the public that the council was not asking to ban the use of marijuana in Twin Falls but urging the federal government to do its job. via