No this isn't the Idaho Potato Truck, albeit.  I like this one better.

It could be a dream job for some. Months on the road. New places to see.

I took the picture outside the drive-in movie theater in Driggs a few months ago.  The drivers of this truck know their business as you can see.  Well, now there is need for a human being to go on the road and market the state's potato crop.  It could be a dream job for some.  Months on the road.  New places to see.  And you get to sing the praises of the mighty Idaho potato.

I came across this job posting this morning.  This would be an especially adventurous line of work for someone young and single.  When I was a young reporter I interviewed the driver of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.  He was a dark haired young man from Wisconsin.  Today he's better known as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Courtesy, US House of Representatives.