I don't drink, so for me to tell you who the best bartender in Twin Falls is would be the stupidest thing ever - something that has never stopped me in the past. But, better judgment got the best of me and I turned to Yelp to find out who serves the brews better than any other.

Even as a non-drinker, I have to admit this one surprised me a bit. Not sure why, but I always picture a bartender being in a place with lots of pool tables instead of big screen TV's and cheese fries. But, here goes - the top bartenders in Twin Falls, according to Yelp.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

Brad P. called out the "singing bartender" at BWW: Our bartender was singing to all the music and it was a generally fun atmosphere.  The real reason this BWW gets 4 stars from me is that I was very pleased with the beer selection.

2. Turf Club

Jenn M. said this about Turf Club: The staff at the Turf Club is eager to please and will go above and beyond any expectations you may have to make sure your event is over the top!   The food is always delicious and there is a full bar available if you desire.

3. BJ's 19th Hole Sports Tavern

Hailey R. is a big fan of BJ's apparently: Beer is cheap and good, bartender is beyond sweet with a little sass mixed in. Can't speak to the food, wasn't hungry.

For what it's worth, you should really take the time to read some of the Yelp reviews of Buffalo Wild Wings. From people not understanding why waitresses would actually want a tip to strange smells they claim near the bar, some of those are classics.