Up to 100 schools in Idaho, including 20 in the Magic Valley, are being investigated by the US Department of Education for possibly violating Title IX.  The local high schools include Burley, Canyon Ridge, Buhl, Declo, Carey, Castleford,  Glenns Ferry, Filer, Gooding, Kimberly, Hansen, Jerome,  Oakley, Murtaugh,  Minico, Shoshone, Twin Falls, Valley Wendell and Wood River.   The complaint alleges that the schools use dance and cheerleading as a sport in order to meet gender compliance.  But those activities cannot be used as sports under Title IX as ruled by the courts last year. And using those activities constitutes a false inflation of those numbers.  An additional complaint alleges that some Magic Valley schools don’t give females the opportunity to participate in sanctioned and non-sanctioned sports.  The document also alleges that schools don’t provide opportunities proportionate to enrollment numbers.  The 600 page document does not reveal who originated the complaints.