Most of us learned last night that the Twin Falls City Council decided 5-2 that Twin Falls would not enter into a lease agreement with Beckley Media to allow Big Ed Beckley to jump The Snake River Canyon at the Evel Knievel jump site.

Today on Top Story on NewsRadio 1310 KLIX, Mayor Don Hall cited safety concerns as a contributing factor to his decision to vote against the agreement.

Rebecca Mills Sojka voted for the lease agreement stating that she felt that if the council decides not to have a jump then nobody should be granted a lease to jump.

Many who called the show today said that they thought Beckley should be granted permission to jump from the Knievel site.  Others, back the denial and refer to the bad experience and financial losses that followed the Evel Knievel jump in 1974.

You can listen to all of the interviews and comments in their entirety by listening to today's Top Story Podcast at

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