As we look all look for a call to action or anything we can do to help our firefighters, this post on Facebook came our way.  Blaine County is accepting donations for bandanas that firefighters can use to protect themselves from smoke and heat.

Sheriff Ramsey: I was at Albertsons the other night and a hot shot crew member came up and asked me where he could buy a bandana. Albertsons doesn't sell them, so I gave him one I had. Firefighters use bandanas to protect themselves from smoke and heat. People have been asking what they can do for the firefighters, and giving them bandanas is one thing we can do." Blaine County will be accepting bandanas at the Sheriff's Office and the Hailey Fire Dept to give to our hardworking heros. Fire Personnel has asked that you not take any bandanas directly to the camp. Let's make sure our crews from across the Country are well equipped.

We are gathering bandanas at our radio station and will deliver them to Blaine County. If you'd like to drop off a bandana, please go to 415 Park Ave Twin Falls. We're on the South side of town by Oregon-trail Elementary school.

You'd be surprised how far a small gesture goes.  Share this with as many friends that you can and lets send up a load of bandanas to our firefighters.

So far we've had enormous response from private individuals, including one couple that spent hours cutting up bandanas.

We'd like to thank some businesses that have answered the call:

  • Snake Harley Davidson
  • Valley Country Store
  • Wendell Tire Factory
  • CSI Dental Hygene Department
  • Butter Bites Folks
  • Farmers Corner in Burley
  • D&B Supply

And thanks to all of you who've stopped by the station to donate.

With more than 1800 firefighters working for us, we have a ways to go so keep 'em coming.

We're heading out Wednesday, Aug 20 at 10am so bring us your bandanas or contact us right away if you'd like to help.