The City of Twin Falls is conducting some tests to see where some of the water is going from Blue Lakes in the Snake River Canyon.  That’s the same place the city pumps water used by city residents for their homes and lawns.  One of the holes is sucking down about 300 gallons of water per second.  The city could like to plug the holes but those holes could be feeding water to other water users.  The Times News reports that city crews are dumping a red dye into the Blue Lakes to try to follow the water to see where it comes out.  Brockway Engineering is working with the city to see just how much water total is being sucked out through various holes and if provisions can be put in place to help conserve that water for the city’s use.  Officials say finding a solution could be key to the city keeping in compliance with legal agreements but could cause other issues if that water is used by other water rights holders downstream.