Are Christmas Lights Still OK?
Christmas was last week and we have all moved on and are excited for the new year. Well, not all of us have moved on. I still have my Christmas lights on.
Ted Cruz, Humorist on the Hill
Some fellow wrote a lengthy academic piece a few years ago making a claim we vote for the candidate who comes across as nicest.  The media image of Ted Cruz is anything but nice.  He’s portrayed as shrill and mean-spirited.  As an admirer of Cruz and his great intellec…
Snowbound! Christmas, 1978
I spent Christmas, 1978, shoveling.  All Christmas Day.  I was a junior in high school and it set a precedent.  The following year I worked 8 hours Christmas Day washing dishes.  In the years that followed I worked Christmas Days and nights and sometimes overnights at a hotel des…
Is Christmas Shoes The Saddest Christmas Song
That picture right there is a sight I see when The Christmas Shoes song plays on the radio. Ever single day.
Sure at first listen the song is a sad one...but then if you really think about it the sad part is that the kid should be with his mom.
What Is The Most Annoying Christmas Song
I love Christmas music! But that doesn't mean I love all Christmas music. For every good O Holy Night there is an equally horrible version...same goes for almost every song out there. But - which song takes the cake? What is the most annoying Christmas song?

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