Does Your Dog Dream? [VIDEO]
My dog Molly (pictured) totally dreams.  She twitches and barks and acts like she is chasing endless fields of rabbits and squirrels, and it 9 parts cute and 1 part creepy.
Will You Use Bitcoin This Holiday Season?
You may have heard all the buzz lately about Bitcoin.  What is Bitcoin?  It's a type of digital currency.  You can buy Bitcoins with cash.  Then you buy stuff.  It's global, so people can buy and sell Bitcoins with their local currency.
Advantage Archery’s No Shave November [Photo Contest]
Know a man (or very brave woman?) who wants to show off their facial hair for No Shave November?  Send us those pics and you could win a $100 Advantage Archery Gift Certificate in Advantage Archery‘s ‘No Shave November’ Photo Contest!
Did I Shower Today? A Self-Check Guide.
Ever wondered about whether or not you, or a male in your life, showered?  This handy map will help them navigate the murky waters of cleanliness.  Just leave it on their desktop.  Hopefully they'll get the hint.
How to Keep People From Eating Your Lunch
Pristine PB&J pilfered?  Rye & romaine ravaged?  Hard-earned hammy being... can't think of an H word... but this clever solution might just be THE best way to keep coworkers from eating your lunch.
We’ve Been Eating Apples Wrong
I feel so deceived by my childhood.  If we've been wasting 30% of each apple, do you know how many elderly relatives I've defiled in the garbage??  I'm so sorry, Granny Smith!  Please forgive me!!
This video explains everything.  Two complaints, though: 1) seeds...
[VIDEO] Angry Video Game Nerd
Remember a long time ago when we our kids threw the video game controller out of frustration?  Some of us got over the anger, and some... well, didn't.
Video is NSFW!  Actually, pretty much all his videos are NSFW.  Here's his website...
Ohio State Marching Band Michael Jackson Tribute
While us Magic Valley people secretly hope Ohio State football players break their shinbones, we have to agree that their marching band is pretty dang good!
Check out this Ohio State Michael Jackson tribute video... well worth each of the 11 minutes...
Nintendo Controller Table
Um, I'm certainly no genius or anything, but I mean, I thought I was a relatively accomplished person... until this came out.  It's a FUNCTIONAL Nintendo (the old NES) controller that's also a coffee table.  For a mere $3500 it can be yours!
[POLL] Xbox One vs. Playstation 4: Which One?
When are Playstation 4 and Xbox One coming out?  Very, very soon: November 15 is the official release date for both consoles.  Which one are you going to get?
Playstation 4 will be $399, but does not include the Playstation camera.
Xbox One will be $499, and DOES include the Xbox Kinect...

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