Weird Laws In Idaho
I've lived in five states: Wisconsin, Texas, Massachusetts, Iowa, and Idaho.  Each one has its own little peccadilloes, but Idaho has some pretty darn good ones.  Here are at least some of the weirdest laws in Idaho:
10 Things to Do In or Near Twin Falls On Spring Break
Not sure what to do in Twin Falls over Spring Break?  Believe me, I know how easy it is to get "Anti Tourist Syndrome" and pass by all the stuff we see everyday.  Now's the time to take advantage!!
Here are some different categories or types of activities for Spring B…
Sun Valley Lodge Is Getting Renovated
Sun Valley Resort announced their plans today to remodel the Sun Valley Lodge, the 148-room luxury hotel in Sun Valley, Idaho.  The Lodge will have remodeled guest rooms, the lobby, restaurant, and other guest amenities.
A Million Rabbits Chase Lady
So, we saw this on the Huffington Post and one thing is for sure: RABBITS ARE OUT TO DESTROY US.
Either that, or it's Okunoshima, the Japanese tourist town otherwise known as "Rabbit Island."  Definitely feed the wild bunnies while you're there...
Will You Buy Goat Simulator?
IT'S FINALLY COMING!  The game that virtually no one is looking forward to, yet can't stop talking about!  Ever dreamed of being a goat?  How about owning one?  Driving one?  Or bouncing one on a trampoline?  Then you'll LOVE Goat Simulator.
Could a Crossbones One-Shot Be Next for Marvel?
As the Marvel movies continue to grow by leaps and bounds, their short films (or "One-Shots") continue to up their game, as well. The latest One-Shot, titled 'All Hail the King,' was written and directed by 'Iron Man 3' co-writer Drew Pearce and will be available to watch on the home relea…
Jay Leno Quiz
Steve Allen > Jack Paar > Johnny Carson > Jay Leno > Conan O'Brien > Jay Leno > Jimmy Fallon
It's Jay Leno's last show this week before Jimmy Fallon takes the reins at the Tonight Show.  How well do you know Jay?
School Closure Video
What do you think, should we start announcing school closures this way?  It's Stephens Elementary in Burlington, Kentucky, and their viral school closure video may be setting a new bar for principals and news anchors!

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