School Closure Video
What do you think, should we start announcing school closures this way?  It's Stephens Elementary in Burlington, Kentucky, and their viral school closure video may be setting a new bar for principals and news anchors!
Home Alone: The Song
The Gregory Brothers sing the entire plot of Home Alone set to Home Alone music!  Fun fact: John Williams wrote the music score (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, ET, etc).  No wonder it's so darn memorable.
Car That Needs A Refill Once Per Century
Tired of high gas prices?  How about a car that only needs a refuel once every... century?  David Russell Schilling reported on this thorium-powered concept car that could, in theory, revolutionize automobiles.
It's said that just one gram of the substance yields more energy than 7,396…
Does Your Dog Dream? [VIDEO]
My dog Molly (pictured) totally dreams.  She twitches and barks and acts like she is chasing endless fields of rabbits and squirrels, and it 9 parts cute and 1 part creepy.
Will You Use Bitcoin This Holiday Season?
You may have heard all the buzz lately about Bitcoin.  What is Bitcoin?  It's a type of digital currency.  You can buy Bitcoins with cash.  Then you buy stuff.  It's global, so people can buy and sell Bitcoins with their local currency.
Advantage Archery’s No Shave November [Photo Contest]
Know a man (or very brave woman?) who wants to show off their facial hair for No Shave November?  Send us those pics and you could win a $100 Advantage Archery Gift Certificate in Advantage Archery‘s ‘No Shave November’ Photo Contest!
Did I Shower Today? A Self-Check Guide.
Ever wondered about whether or not you, or a male in your life, showered?  This handy map will help them navigate the murky waters of cleanliness.  Just leave it on their desktop.  Hopefully they'll get the hint.
How to Keep People From Eating Your Lunch
Pristine PB&J pilfered?  Rye & romaine ravaged?  Hard-earned hammy being... can't think of an H word... but this clever solution might just be THE best way to keep coworkers from eating your lunch.

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