Top Story Podcast 4/2/12
First hour - Idaho Legislative Update with Randy Stapilus and the Trayvon Martin case is still stirring up the pot. Second hour - East End Update and 5 reasons you should be glad you didn't win the lottery.
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Top Story Podcast 3/29/12
First hour - Supreme Court and Obamacare, 6th District HS Rodeo, Cops, what should the Idaho legislature do with the extra money? Second hour - American Thinker's senior editor Larrey Anderson.

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Top Story Instapoll 3/29/12
One of the items holding up adjournment in the Idaho Legislature is what to do with the surplus money.  Give it back to the taxpayers, replenish the "rainy day" fund or does it really matter?
Top Story Podcast 3/28/12
First hour - TrayVon Martin shooting and the controversy it's causing. Rod Doig with the Valley House Spring Fling. Second hour - State of the City with TF City Councilwoman Rebecca Mills Sojka and continued discussion on the TrayVon Martin shooting
Top Story Instapoll 3/28/12
In light of the TrayVon Martin shooting some people think the "Stand Your Ground" law should be revised in that maybe it goes too far or it should be repealed altogether.  What do you think?
Top Story Podcast 3/27/12

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Top Story Instapoll 3/27/12
Should equal pay for women be government mandated?  You can participate in our Instapoll and get Loyal Listener Club points for participating.  VOTE HERE
Top Story Podcast 3/26/12
First hour - Top news of the day, Randy Stapilus with the Idaho Legislative Update, Hunger Games. Second hour - Doug Allen with the Johnny Cash Tribute Show and Americans Elect.
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Top Story Podcast 3/23/12
First hour - Recent comments about Mitt Romney being the "Etch-a-Sketch" candidate has resulted in a 3000 percent increase in the sales of the toy. Seems like Republicans can boost the economy better than the Democrats without even being elected
Top Story Podcast 3/22/12
First hour - The Idaho House has removed the "ultrasound" bill from the agenda giving hope to those who are opposed to it. Those in favor says there is still time to ressurect it. Sgt. Dan Thom with the TF County Sheriff's department talks about the "Stand Your Groun…
Top Story Podcast 3/21/12
First hour - Today's top stories, ethics and funny business going on in Boise. Second hour - State of the City with TF City Councilman Don Hall and should Idaho go back to Mountain Standard Time and stay there? A bill proposing such has been introduced in the Idaho Legislature
Top Story Podcast 3/20/12
First hour - Pvt. Terence "Bo" Jones benefit fund raiser this Saturday and Illinois primary. The BIG issue of the day is the "ultrasound" bill that was passed by the Idaho Senate which mandates an invasive medical procedure on women before having an abortion, no …
Top Story Instapoll 3/20/12
The ultrasound controversy in the Idaho Legislature.  Should the legislature pass a bill requiring a woman to get an "invasive" ultrasound before getting an abortion?  Vote here
Top Story Podcast 3/19/12
First hour - Gov. Butch Otter pays his female cabinet members an average of 33% less than his mail cabinet members. Randy Stapilus has our Idaho Legislative Update and Alec Baldwin continues the filthy vitriol that everyone is blaming Rush Limbaugh for

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