New Barbie Doll Will Be Able To Talk To Your Kids
Who needs friends when you can have a new Barbie right? That seems to be case to make soon. Mattel is working on an internet connected Barbie doll that will be able to talk with your kids. Not just some pre-recorded phrases either but actually understand and interact with what your child is saying.
How To Choose A Legacy Contact On Facebook [VIDEO]
This is something I actually have thought about. A few years ago one of my friends died and his Facebook page was bombarded with messages of consolation or people asking what had happened. It seemed odd because it was not like he was going to answer them back!
What Color Is This Dress Really? [PHOTOS]
This dress is more infamous right now than the Kardashians! Nobody can agree on what color it really is. Some people see it as a blue and black dress and others see it as white and gold. What colors do you see?
How to Pronounce ‘Shoshone’ and other Idaho City Names
Idaho is filled with names of towns and cities that people can't pronounce to save their lives.  How many times have you heard someone refer to Boise as Boy-ZEE instead of Boy-see?
In our new Youtube series, we will explore the state of Idaho and publish the correct pronunciations of our to…
What’s the First Thing You Give Up When Money Gets Tight?
We all have budgets that get tight from time to time. My families budget usually gets really tight around Christmas or after a vacation. There are certain things that we refuse to give up like our high speed internet and Netflix but when budgets get tight somethings HAVE to go.

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