What Are Your Expectations For Valentine’s Day [POLL]
Love is in the air...mixed with a small amount of terror as couples try to plan memorable Valentine's Day activities that won't end in disaster. I know being in love can be hard, so why do we make it even harder by having 1 day each year that forces us to try our hardest. Only to realize t…
Does Your Office Have a ‘Close Talker’? [VIDEO]
Every office has one, the "close talker." Ya know the person who is super nice, but you have no idea what they said because they are three inches away from your face.
Here's an example:
This may just be a space bubble issue I'm suffering from, but I can't be the only o…
Dick’s Sporting Goods Opening Soon
The Dick’s Sporting Goods building in Twin Falls is going up very quickly and is on schedule to open soon.
The building will be the first business to open in the Canyon Park West Shopping Complex.
The Beer Mile Challenge Puts Your New Year Resolution To Shame
Last year I made my first ever New Year Resolution to do something healthy...and I failed. I decided I wanted to run a 7 minute mile and ended up at a 7:28 mile (mid-May was when I decided I was done). But now I realize that even if I had achieved my goal that there are drunk people who still run be…
Tricks to Eat Less on Super Bowl
You may be trying to eat healthy because you made a New Years resolution. Or you may just want to feel normal on the Monday following the Super Bowl. As Americans we always over eat on Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl.

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