The Top 5 Scariest Creatures in Idaho
This was a terrible idea. See, the thing is, in order to narrow it down to "5 Scariest Creatures In Idaho," you have to select from a much larger pool of information... Idaho is apparently home to some of the scariest creatures in the world.
Where Is the Jerome Farmers Market?
The Twin Falls Farmers Market gets a fair amount of publicity, and for good reason! It's a fantastic way for local growers to sell their goods and services to the public. But it's easy to forget several other wonderful farmers markets happening around the Magic Valley.
Cheatgrass Threat to Pet’s Health
BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) -- Cheatgrass is causing problems throughout Idaho and the West. It's an invasive weed species choking out native vegetation. It acts as big fuel for wildfires. And, it's also really bad for your pets.
What Is The Best Way To Track Your Weight?
I've never been on a special diet to lose or gain weight. The thought of having to monitor my food intake sounds horrible - plus knowing what I eat and how much might not be good. I don't want to be in any future medical books as an example of doing life wrong.
Twin Falls Summer Lunch Schedule 2015
The kids are out of school for the summer and the Twin Falls free summer lunch program for kids has begun. This is a great program to ensure that all kids get a good lunch each day even though they aren't in school anymore.
Six Things You Shouldn’t Buy Online
I buy as much as I can locally but, some items aren't offered in the Magic Valley. So, shopping online seems to be a great way to get those "hard to get items." There are however items that you should never buy online.

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