Amazing Timelapse of Twin Falls from 1984 to Now
I have had way too much fun with this. Google recently announced the release of a new time lapse that would cover 32 years of satellite pictures. This means that you can now see what Twin Falls looked like starting in 1984 until now.
Hearing Loss & Treatment With Dr. Christine Pickup
The first baby boomers are well into retirement.  Others are struggling with aging issues and some of the issues are the result of our own modern lifestyle.  Did you spend your youth in a band or listening to loud music?  Or, did your job require the operation of noisy heavy equipment…
Concealed Carry Update from Sheriff Department
Concealed carry without need of a permit becomes Idaho law this summer.  On Monday morning we’ll be joined by the man behind SB 1389, the law allowing permitless carry.  Curt McKenzie is a State Senator from the Nampa area.  He’ll try and break down the…

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