Northern Lights May Be Visible In Idaho Tonight
ABC News is reporting that a powerful solar storm will be hitting Earth tonight. It's rated as a strong G3 solar storm which may not be great news for satellites, but shouldn't cause serious harm to the electrical grid. The good news part of this is it may mean a spectacular sky view tonig…
At What Point Do You Not Turn Around For A Forgotten Phone [POLL]
At this point, pretty much everyone has a cell phone. I saw on Facebook yesterday that one of my friends had bought a Trac-Phone for her 1 year old to play with! We can't live without these devices and they are all but attached to our bodies. So what happens when, by some dark force of magic, y…
Commentary: The Jetson’s Have Arrived
I want one.  Maybe two.  I think the radio station could use this for remote broadcasts.  I fly into the mountains, turn on my microphone and off we go.  Some things in the future are worth waiting for.
How Old is This Truck?
I happened to see this old Ford while out for a walk Monday.  My dad always told me if you looked at the plastic over the tail lights a model year would be designated, however.  Some years the tail light configuration didn't change from a previous model year and the stamp also didn&ap…
New Barbie Doll Will Be Able To Talk To Your Kids
Who needs friends when you can have a new Barbie right? That seems to be case to make soon. Mattel is working on an internet connected Barbie doll that will be able to talk with your kids. Not just some pre-recorded phrases either but actually understand and interact with what your child is saying.
How To Choose A Legacy Contact On Facebook [VIDEO]
This is something I actually have thought about. A few years ago one of my friends died and his Facebook page was bombarded with messages of consolation or people asking what had happened. It seemed odd because it was not like he was going to answer them back!
‘Fartners’ Is Like Twitter For Your Flatulence has taken a big dive today. There is now an app called 'Fartners' and it's like Social Networking for your flatulence. Yeah. Go ahead and wrap your head around that one. Oddly this wasn't even invented by a 12 year old boy with an immature mind. Nope - grown adult…
Are Twin Falls Internet Service Providers Ripping Us Off?
If you're wondering why your Internet is slow -- first off, you're not crazy.  There's a good chance it is actually slower than you thought it would be.  The Wall Street Journal reported on a story and found that most Internet speeds are significantly slower than advertised …

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