Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Idaho State Trooper
Being a law enforcement officer is not an easy job. It takes a very special kind of person who is in shape, has good character, and a true desire to help make a change in our state. If you think you have what it takes to be an Idaho State Trooper, right now is your time to find out.
When Does The Twin Falls Splash Park Open
Last year the First Federal Park opened over by the Sunway Soccer fields and since then we have been there playing at least once a month. And the entire time there has been a little fenced in area right next to it. Finally that fence is coming down and the splash park is opening!
My 5 Favorite Prince Performances You Have To See
Everyone is talking today about how great Prince is. Honestly - he really was amazing. He could sing, wail on the guitar, and even wrote hits for other artists. A good majority of my morning today was just watching videos of him playing guitar.

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