10 Animals You Can’t Have As A Pet In Idaho [VIDEO]
Some people have crazy pets. My brother in law used to have a Sugar Glider and I've met people who had pet ferrets. I know it gets crazier than that though since some people have pet tigers and poisonous snakes. Honestly though - I think people who just have indoor cats are pretty crazy!
Inside Out Movie Without The Inside Parts Is Seriously Depressing
Inside Out: Outside Edition from Jordan Hanzon on Vimeo.
I haven't seen the movie 'Inside Out' yet, but my kids have and they say it is funny but sad at some parts. Apparently all the funny parts are when the voices are in their heads because the video above is surprisingly sad and dep…
There Once Was a Time Called Christmas
I live in the house without a television.  Let me clear that line up.  I live in a house without a television hooked up.  There were three TV sets capable of entertaining me at my last house in Delaware.  Because a now ex-girlfriend was living there mostly as a tenant the last 11…

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