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Jay Leno Quiz
Steve Allen > Jack Paar > Johnny Carson > Jay Leno > Conan O'Brien > Jay Leno > Jimmy Fallon
It's Jay Leno's last show this week before Jimmy Fallon takes the reins at the Tonight Show.  How well do you know Jay?
School Closure Video
What do you think, should we start announcing school closures this way?  It's Stephens Elementary in Burlington, Kentucky, and their viral school closure video may be setting a new bar for principals and news anchors!
GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Will Show Woman Quitting Job on Live TV
Everyone has thought about quitting his or her job in some type of grand fashion, whether it be making a scene as you leave your former place of employment or telling off your boss.
Now imagine quitting your job in front of millions upon million of people on live TV. Well, one woman will do just that…
Watch 10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s
Every now and then, someone spouts a bunch of facts about a corporation or some other commercial entity that blows our minds. This video offers 10 shocking facts about McDonald's. We'd say take it with a grain of salt, but they already pre-salt their fries.

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