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What Do Twin Falls Residences Desire More Of?
There are plenty of hard working people in Twin Falls! We are all working towards a goal, even if that goal is as simple as providing food to our families on a daily basis. But, what do we desire to have that would improve our lives.
The Top 5 Reasons We Are Sick And Tired Of Top 5 Lists
I have decided that once and for all, I am tired of Top 5 lists. After Roadsnacks named 4 of our Magic Valley towns as "ghetto" and 2 others as "most miserable", I want to put an end to this once and for all. So, I bring you my own Top 5 list about why I'm si…
Five Weird And Awesome Twin Falls Things I Found On Etsy
If you're ever feeling a need to find weird stuff that references Twin Falls, Etsy is the place you need to go. The good news is that even when they're weird, some of the items are sometimes awesome, too. Check out the gallery to see 5 Twin Falls related collectibles we've come u…
Twin Falls Craigslist Rants And Raves Are A Scream
Twin Falls is a very friendly place filled with wonderful people. But, you wouldn't like us when we're angry. In fact, that's what the Rants and Raves section of Twin Falls Craigslist is for. It's the place where we can vent so we can go back to being wonderful people.
Men in Need of Civilized Women
Why is it women need to give men instructions about living even when the men aren’t husbands or boyfriends?  A couple of weeks ago I was speaking by telephone with my former fiancé and mentioned a mutual friend was passing through town and was going to pay a visit...

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