It seems as though the road construction is keeping some of you from getting to the radio station.  We thought we would try to help you map out a decent route to the station so you can claim your prizes that you’ve  won in the VIP Club.  Hit the jump and watch as we try to get back to the radio station.

For the record:  As of June 21st, 12:53pm, we believe the best way to get to the radio station is to take Eastland to Orchard, Orchard to Blue Lakes and Blue Lakes to Park Avenue. 

While we saw a LOT of cones (and a car driving straight at us)  we didn’t see any flaggers on Blue Lakes so we’re not entirely sure if we were supposed to be there or not.

You can also take this alternate route:  Take Shoshone to the light at the Stinker Station and turn left onto South Park Avenue.  It will wind around and merge into Lois Street.  Continue South on Lois until you come to Park Avenue and take a right.  We’re just a couple blocks down the road.