The Times News reports that  Dietrich science teacher Tim McDaniel sent his first response letter to a state education ethics commission. The letter is in response to seven allegations facing McDaniel that the state’s Professional Standards Commission is investigating.  In March, four parents with students in McDaniel’s biology class filed a complaint with the commission. Allegations include sharing private student information, teaching sex education and different forms of birth control, and promoting a political candidate while on school property.  In his letter, McDaniel denies he did anything wrong and explains this is the first complaint he’s received during his teaching career.  He said two of the parents called him stating they wanted to be taken off the complaint but that required legal counsel so they were unable to do so.   McDaniel said he doesn’t know when he’ll hear back from the state commission. Until then, he will continue to teach biology.  He said he’s now taking more precautions to prepare for lessons. For example, for the first time since he started teaching, McDaniel sent out permission slips to teach about the reproductive system in fish.