Questions and negotiations continue regarding the proposed Big Ed Beckley jump of the Snake River Canyon. reports that the City of Twin Falls cited concerns last night regarding safety, crime and the sheer numbers of people who might attend the event. Ed's camp is anticipating about 40,000 attendees, while the City's guess comes in at around 70,000.

The City also has concerns over whether or not the event will draw a rough crowd.

In the end, it was stated that Beckley needed to get a grasp of what the community thinks and wants.

So what do you think?  I've heard a lot of feedback from those of you who call the Morning Show.  Some of you want the city to proceed and let Beckley jump. Others, want some kind of a jump but would rather see a local guy like Miles Dasher get the nod.

I've also talked to some of you who are very passionate about the dangers of repeating the Evel Knievel fallout out from original jump. And there are some of you who say you couldn't care less either way.

So I'm curious... What do you want? Take the poll and let us know what you think.