I recently read that some homes across the nation are putting red lights outside to show that they are a gun free home. First of all - maybe they should look into the history of the 'red light district' before associating their cause to it. Second - why in the world would you tell the world that you are unprotected? That's is the same as saying 'we are defenseless if you want to rob us'.

I know there are plenty of homes that are gun free and none of them advertise that information. Luckily it appears that people aren't actually doing the red lights for gun free declaration (and also hopefully not for prostitution reasons either). So why are there red lit houses in my neighborhood? Probably Halloween.

While driving this morning I actually saw a good number of colored lights (and it isn't even Christmas yet). One house had green, another red, one bright white, and another yellow lights. I also saw one last week with blue lights. They could all have a special meaning, be for Halloween, or just be their normal/weird house light color.

Typically this is what the colors mean