BURLEY, Idaho (KLIX) – Dworshak Elementary School released students early today due to a furnace problem.

The school released all of its more than 570 students at 11:45 a.m. after notifying parents by text messages, social media and phone calls, said Pam Teeter, Cassia County School District superintendent secretary.

“The furnace is being worked on now,” she said, “but our first priority is the kids.”

The school made calls to parents to make sure a parent or guardian would be home when their student was dropped off from the bus. Some parents came to the school to pick up their student.

“We didn’t want to leave any kids at home alone,” Teeter said.

All seemed to go smoothly as the school coordinated with their students’ families, she said.

Teeter said she expects the furnace to be working again in time for class on Monday.