May 2, 2013

Additional Information

On May 2nd you have an opportunity to do something great! Everyday,organizations in Idaho are working to make life better for people in Idaho. On May 2nd, please consider giving to United Vision for Idaho.

For Nineteen years, UVI has been working to strengthen organizations, develop leaders, and advance public policies that create a more just Idaho. UVI is not justa coalition of 22 grassroots Idaho nonprofits, and over 13,000 individuals, they are the umbrella for economic, social and environmental justice in our state. They are about real people coming together to work on multi issues, strengthen democracy, build power and create change for ours, and future generations.

Your investment in UVI means they can provide greater resources to the organizations that comprise UVI, enhance and expand program work, and make those great strides toward justice for all. Your investments illustrate that far more unites than divides us and that together anything is possible. We are reminded by the late Dr, Martin Luther King Jr., that, though the arc of history is long, when we work together, united, it bends and it bends toward justice. On May 2nd give to UVI and join us in the struggle to continue bending that arc and realizing justice and equality here in Idaho.

May 2, 2013 is  Idaho Gives Day. A 24-hour period of statewide charitable giving, Idaho Gives will make a difference for United Vision for Idaho and the growing movement for justice for all in Idaho. That day, people throughout Idaho will be talking about and giving to their favorite nonprofits. You and all the people across Idaho who stand on the right sideof history, who champion equality, civil rights, economic, social and environmental justice are United Vision for Idaho.

Please mark your calendars, share with your friends and families, and help spread the word. This is a day that we can all come together and invest in the organizations that invest in us. On May 2nd go to: and show your support for UVI.