Idaho Department of Fish and Game Director Cal Groen said Tuesday he intends to retire from Fish and Game at the end of March. The 64 year old was appointed to the position in January 2007 by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission. Groen is a 21-year veteran of Idaho Fish and Game with 38 years of experience managing fish and wildlife. Among his accomplishments in four years as director, he said his proudest is bringing Fish and Game back to the table as a respected partner in resolving difficult resource issues. These partnerships have connected more youths to the outdoors, restored many acres of fish and wildlife habitat and created more hunting and fishing opportunities, including five new community fishing waters. Groen has served as the Clearwater regional supervisor and chief of the department’s Natural Resources Policy Bureau as well as the Columbia River Policy Coordinator in Boise. He has been assistant director at wildlife agencies in Washington and Kansas, and he has served as chief of information and education, chief of fisheries, fish and wildlife planner, anadromous fish program manager and fisheries biologist.