We all say things that are taken the wrong way. But there are a few things that men desperately need to stop saying to women. 'She Knows' came up with a list of things men need to stop saying to women... and may save a man's life.

  • "Calm down."  This one usually results in the OPPOSITE happening. If you tell a woman to "calm down" she will generally explode into full-blown anger and rage-dump on you.
  • "You look tired."  This is a nice way of saying, "You look awful". Similar, but equally damaging statements include: "Have you gained weight?" "Didn't those jeans used to fit better?" or "How many tubs of ice cream did you eat?"
  • Any annoying internet-type slang, like "awesomesauce"... or "YOLO". Women are allowed to say these, but men are not. Just go with it.
  • "Bros before... (you know how the rest goes)". This isn't Junior High.
  • Movie quotes. This doesn't go for all women, but it's probably a safe rule of thumb to save the obscure movie quotes for your guy friends. Because generally, one of two things happens... She'll get the reference and feel compelled to name the movie, which kind of interrupts the flow of conversation. Or she WON'T get it, and has to ask where it's from.  So then YOU have to explain... again, derailing the conversation.

Guys, I'm just trying to help you out. Maybe you say these things with the best intentions, but really it just makes women crazy. Almost homicidal. Seriously. Just stop saying all five of these and you'll have better relationships, and probably live longer.