BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Former Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak says he's running for Idaho governor. Bujak tells KTVB-TV in a story on Thursday that he's filed papers with the Idaho Secretary of State's Office. Bujak in 2010 resigned as prosecutor amid allegations he illegally diverted public funds for his personal use. A jury found him not guilty. He did plead guilty to a contempt of court last summer. In January, Bujak pleaded not guilty to charges of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets, making a false statement under oath, money laundering and obstruction of justice during a hearing before U.S. District Judge Ronald Bush in Boise. The U.S. attorney's office alleges Bujak did not disclose to the bankruptcy court that he and his then-wife owned a $25,000 Rolex watch and that it and a ring were sold to an out-of-state jeweler.