Up to this point no sign has been found of a missing Canadian man who got lost in Owyhee county earlier this year.  Albert Chretien and his wife were taking a shortcut to get to a trade show in Nevada when their van became stuck in snow in Owyhee County along the Idaho-Nevada border.  Albert headed off across country to try to find help.  He was never seen again.  His wife Rita was found alive after surviving in the van for over seven weeks.  This week  the search for her husband may have shifted to a higher gear.  Bones found in the Gold Creek area of the Mountain City District in Elko County are being investigated.  Right now the Elko County Sheriff’s Department has only photo’s of the bones taken by a woman who found them.  The bones appear to be old and heavily sun-bleached.  At this point an investigator for the Elko County Sheriff’s Department is working to determine if the bones are human.  If so, they could be the remains of Albert Chretien.  Police say right now it’s too early to tell.