Just when you thought people could not get any lower, dumber, or more heartless, this shows up.  A Fargo, North Dakota mother has decided to shame kids into not eating candy this Halloween.

Great approach lady.  Kid's are strong and resilient, but is that any reason to give them a complex?  NO!  Grow up lady!  If you really care about the health and welfare of your community, do it in a positive way NOT a scummy way.

According to Fargo, North Dakota radio station The Y94 Morning Playhouse, this letter showed up at their station:

The Y94 Morning Playhouse, Facebook.com

Did anyone else notice the typo?  If you're going to spread hate, at least use spell check first.

What do you think about this?  Am I overreacting?  There is no doubt that America has a weight problem, but is this the approach to make a difference?

VIA SayAnythingBlog.com & Facebook.com