When it's good, it's hard to beat Chinese food. In Twin Falls, we have lots of options, but who's the best? Here's the answer according to reviewers on Yelp.

First, here's my disclaimer. This is not MY list. I am very easy to please when it comes to Chinese food. What someone else might consider a bad egg roll would beat just about any other food group in my book. This list is based on reviewers from Yelp. So, if you don't agree with this list, go yell at them. I am just the messenger.

1. Peking Restaurant

2. Wok N Grill

3. Mandarin House

4. Tse Restaurant

5. Loong Hing Restaurant

6. New China Buffet

7. Panda Express

Who cares about all those Yelp people? When it comes to Chinese food in Twin, what say you?