Nationally, clown costume sales are up around 300%. Just how does Twin Falls compare to this trend?

Both of the local costume shops we contacted said that clown costume sales were flat this year.

I'm curious for two different reasons:

1. Are people generally freaked out and less likely to buy a clown costume, resulting in a decrease in sales?

2. Are there folks out there that fancy themselves as pranksters creating a boom on clown costumes?

What's interesting to me is that both of the local costume shops I contacted said that clown costume sales were pretty much flat this year.

Susan Buhler of Poindexters in Twin Falls said that outside of a couple costumes sold to the folks at Albion, they haven't seen much interest in clown costumes.

Zurchers in Twin Falls sells clown makeup, and  store manager Amy Sullivan said that sales have been comparable to any other year.