It's getting comical listening to all the opinions about Pope Francis I.  He's being criticized for being against gay marriage, abortion rights, homosexuality and such.  For crying out loud when is the Catholic Church leadership going to get in line with the thinking of society and adopt some of these new progressive ideas?  Never, I hope!

Society is so messed up now that it actually believes that centuries-old religious ideologies and doctrines should just change with the current way of thinking.  I have news for you people...these religious ideologies are not SUPPOSED to change with society.  If they did then what good would they be?  The Christian doctrinal ideologies are supposed to be the guiding light that changes society, or at least keep it on the straight and narrow.  Religion is supposed to change people...not the other way around.

Now someone is going to ask about the ideology of stoning a child to death because his mother was an adulteress such as what happens in many of the "other" countries from time to time.  Good point.  Let me be a little more selfish here and say this.  I believe in the "Christian" doctrine and religious ideology so if it's something outside the realm of that, I don't believe in it.  Can I really be that arrogant?  When it comes to my religious beliefs...YES!

Kelly, what's happening to you?  Where's your "tolerance?"   I have tolerance.  I have the tolerance to believe that you are wrong and I am right without doing anything bad to you.  I have the right to vote based on my religious beliefs as a Christian.  I have the right to believe that homosexuality is an abomination to God along with gay marriage and killing babies.  For you to think that I must change my beliefs (religious ideology and doctrine) just to fit in with your beliefs because your beliefs are more tolerant and forgiving to different viewpoints is a total erroneous thought on your part.

I'm not Catholic but I agree with Pope Francis in many doctrinal areas and I respect him for not changing his beliefs to coincide with the changing erroneous whims of society.  To criticize the pope for his beliefs thinking he should change because "society" doesn't think that way any more is akin to you not taking a shower because you now believe that you don't stink after a time.

In my ideology, God doesn't change so for his laws and tenets and doctrine to be bent over time to change with society is an abomination to him.  So many so-called Christians today want the "safety of salvation" without the "consequence of disobedience."  They want to tell God that they've thought about this and decided that His early doctrine and the teachings of Jesus Christ are just wrong in today's environment and therefore they have the right to believe something else while still claiming to attach themselves to the "Christian" moniker.

Please don't misunderstand me.  I DON'T think I'm a great Christian.  I strive every day to be better than the day before.  I'm not running a competition with anyone else.  I'm running a struggle with myself.  I don't even consider myself a good Christian.  I understand the basics but I don't always achieve what I think I should as a Christian. Suffice it to say I "know" what I need to do but I don't always do it.  What we must be doing is NOT looking at our religious doctrine to see what we can change but looking at ourselves and see how we must change.

I'm not saying all these things to step on toes or rile you up. (But if I do that's ok too!)   I'm trying to make the point that if the "Christian ideology" continues to change with the societal winds of what once was considered a sin and is now considered ok then it is not worth following.

A "Christian ideology" should be like physics and nature...the basic rules never change.  Can you imagine if one day we woke up and the laws of physics no longer applied?  There would be chaos.  And that, my friend, is what's happening with religion and society today.