In case you're new to our area, let me clue you into something vital. We're pretty freaking patriotic in these parts. But, when push comes to shove, how really "free" are we in Idaho. There is a new website that thinks they know the answer.

Freedom In The 50 States has ranked every state in the Union on just how "free" they are. Here's their breakdown:

We score all 50 states on over 200 policies encompassing fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom.

Alrighty, then. How did Idaho fare? It's no surprise we landed in the top 10 at #7, thank you very much. The site gave us kudos for our gun rights, but dinged us on our criminal justice policy. Can't win em all, I suppose.

The recommendations on how Idaho gets "more free" are somewhat debatable. Making worker's compensation voluntary and letting criminals petition for release are the subjects of political fist fights.

You can check out the full report and even customize based on your own freedom priorities at the Freedom In The 50 States site.