BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A state legislator who lost his concealed weapons permit after failing to disclose his withheld judgment in a 1974 rape case is targeted by a related ethics complaint.

The Idaho Statesman  reports Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney says Republican Rep. Mark Patterson of Boise, along with GOP Rep. Judy Boyle of Midvale, inappropriately obtained legal advice from the Idaho attorney general. Raney has revoked Patterson's concealed weapons permit because Patterson didn't disclose his judgment in the 39-year-old Florida rape case.

Boyle, a Patterson ally, sent Wasden's office a letter Aug. 1 letter asking him what would disqualify an applicant from a permit. Raney says Patterson used the resulting advice for personal benefit. Patterson contends Raney revoked his permit out of retaliation for legislation that law enforcement agencies didn't like.