BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A woman and her son have been charged with misdemeanor unlawful entry and trespassing after police say they moved into a bank-owned, $340,000 home in southwest Idaho in an apparent attempt to own it by occupying it. squatting

The Idaho Statesman reports that 44-year-old Tara Mashburn and 21-year-old Kassidy McDaid were arrested Thursday. Police say four children living in the house have been sent to live with relatives. Authorities say Mashburn paid $2,000 in property taxes on the home and then sent a letter to the Ada County Sheriff's Office on March 26 informing officials of her intentions.

Ada County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Roger Bourne says Mashburn might have been attempting to use a real estate law where a person pays taxes on a property and then moves in with the hope of eventually claiming the legal title.