LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — The Idaho Commission on Pardons and Parole intends to review its own decision to release a convicted double murderer in five years. Last week, the commission set Oct. 24, 2018, as the release date for 55-year-old Bryan S. Lankford.

Lankford, along with his brother Mark, were originally sentenced to death for the 1983 bludgeoning deaths of a Texas couple in the backcountry in Idaho County. Commission Executive Director Olivia Craven told the Lewiston Tribune the review could involve a full hearing or just deliberation among members.

As a result, the board's decision last week is pending a final meeting in January. Bryan Lankford had his death sentence reduced to life after a 1991 U.S. Supreme Court decision. Mark Lankford is serving live in prison without possibility of parole.