Recently I found a dog wandering around my neighborhood in Buhl. Well, more aptly, he found me. I was sitting on my front steps, he came right up to me, and then walked in my house. With our neighbor's help, we've walked the dog up and down surrounding streets but haven't had any luck locating his owners. He didn't have a collar or tags on when he found me.

Does he look familiar? Do you know where he belongs?

I call him "Sam" and he is the coolest dog I've met in a long, long time. I'm not sure what breed he is--I think there's some collie mixed in him--but he's a very handsome animal. He's neutered, well mannered, great with little kids and pets, and very obedient.

It honestly breaks my heart to give him up. I've grown very attached to Sam, and I think he has grown accustomed to my family as well. He has a truly amazing personality, is very loving, and is great with my 4 year old son Jack. Unfortunately we live in a rental and my wife's medical conditions leave us unable to keep him.

If you know where Sam belongs, would you email me?