Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) A victory for the city of Jerome, as they are one step closer to getting approval to upgrade the waste water treatment facility. Idaho’s First News reports An oral ruling today from the judge stating that the proposal for the wastewater treatment plant is ordinary and necessary.

The EPA has mandated upgrades be made, but in May voters turned down a bond that would allow for improvements. Then, the city moved forward with a judicial confirmation hearing. Gilbert Sanchez, superintendant at the wastewater treatment facility, says, "its been a long process-- we are happy, it seems it’s going to pass. We need the treatment facility; we need to go ahead and do what the EPA has mandated us to do. Again, ordinary and necessary is what it boils down to."

Stephanie James Bonney, bond attorney, adds, "the city was facing injunctive relief and fines from the EPA and improvements were needed to bring the treatment plant into compliance." The rate increase has created some backlash in the community, but the city insists the bond is a necessary step.The ruling will be made final when a written agreement is given sometime within the next fourteen days.