I like a good auction as much as the next person.  I actually come from a long line of auctioneers...my granddad, two uncles and a cousin.  But online auctions are a little different.  You don't hear the chant of the auctioneer egging you on to bid higher.  It's just between you and your computer.

Right now at seizethedeal.com you can bid on local merchandise from local merchants and possibly save lots of money.  For instance, Quale's Electronics is auctioning off a $4000 80" LED TV and the starting bid is around $1600.  If you are looking for a BIG screen in your house this would be the one to bid on.  And, you are getting it from a local merchant.  It's MUCH better than Ebay!

There is a brand new motorcycle from Let's Ride, a $500 gift card from Wendell Tire Factory and very cool jackets from Adventure Motorsports, just to name a few. Take a look at the stuff up for auction and you will probably find something you can't live without.

The auction is THIS WEEK so hurry.  You may never get another chance to buy such cool stuff at auction prices.