If nothing else this year’s political campaign in the Magic Valley has become more interesting than in the past with charges of deceptive practices being leveled against certain groups.  First, sample ballots were sent out recently to area voters promoting certain individuals for Precinct Committeemen.  But the sample ballots that were sent with the material had been altered to not contain the name of the opponent.  Now, more material, promoting a Castleford Precinct Committeeman, Rick Martin, says they are paid for by the Republican Central Committee of Twin Falls County Inc.  But Gretchen Clelland, Chairperson of the Twin Falls County Republican Central Committee,  says the material has nothing to do with the actual Republican Central Committee of Twin Falls County.  In  a news release, Clelland says “this deception should in no way lead anyone to believe that the Twin Falls Republican Party, or any official Republican organization in any way  supports Rick Martin or his tactics.”  The release says that “whatever the “Republican Central Committee of Twin Falls County Inc. is, it is absolutely not associated with the Republican Party in any way.”  Rick Martin tells the Times News  said he created The Republican Central Committee of Twin Falls County, Inc., two years ago in response to a disagreement with the official central committee, and now uses it as a political action committee to collect funds. Martin said his strategies are legal and ethical and that he’s trying to run a positive campaign.