(KLIX)- As the State of Idaho hands out Pay for Performance money for 2011 and 2012 the Twin Falls School district will get nearly a million dollars. the school district will receive $998,311.47 as part of the pay for performance payout according to administrators. The district has 360 employees who will be getting the bonus money. According to the district it includes principals, vice-principals, librarians, counselors, as well as all certified employees. Bonus amounts range anywhere from $389 to $4,328. The Buhl School District will be getting $169,202.10 for 80 teachers and principals.  The Jerome County Schools will receive $96,166.74 for 51 employees. Cassia County Schools will get $495,959.52 for 281 employees.  Voters rejected the merit-pay legislation on Nov 6th. State Superintendent Tom Luna says he plans to revive the measure in the upcoming legislative session.