(KTVB)  Occupy Boise protestors were forced to deal with some unexpected new visitors to their makeshift camp on Friday morning.  It seems two 'anti' Occupy Boise protestors decided to join the group's tent city that sprawls over the grounds of the old Ada County courthouse. Here's the catch:  these protestors decided to 'occupy' Occupy Boise with their cars. Around 8 a.m., a shiny black corvette and a red hatch-back could be seen parked on the state-owned land. At least one of the vehicle's owners also brought a home-made sign challenging the occupiers.  Authorities began towing the cars shortly after they were parked.  For the most part, Occupy Boise campers ignored the counter-protest, however, local authorities did not.  Idaho State Police officers had to shut down a section of 6th street between Jefferson and State Streets so tow-truck drivers could remove the protest vehicles. The towing came at the 'anti' occupiers' expense.