(KLIX)- Whomever wins the big lottery jackpot will have some big decisions to make in the coming months. Many experts say that with fortune come its challenges. There are many stories of people winning big and losing it very quickly. Local financial adviser Josh Funk with Waddell and Reed says it wouldn’t hurt to sit on the money for a while.  “Don’t get crazy with it. I’d probably tell them not to make any decisions with the money, with the vast majority of it for maybe a years’ time. Maybe take a small percentage of it and enjoy right away. But, wait to make any big decisions on it for probably at least a year till after they’ve won it.” Funk says after a big multimillion dollar win people get a little emotional. He suggests that it’s a good idea to make financial decision after the emotions have calmed down. Also, many people who have won millions tend to over spend, or buy into things that cost much more in the long run. Funk says there are ways for people to make big wins grow even more. “With a big lump sum of money you can put some in investments that can produce income for you and try to just spend the money that your money makes you. Then you would technically never run out of money.” For example if person took home a $100 million, five percent interest on that would make $5 million a year.