Here's what we found when we decided to jump around the map in search of other places named Twin Falls.  Not too far from the Four Corners Monument, you can find a little dot on the map named Twin Falls, Arizona.  It doesn't look like much is going on there. It pretty much looks like a dirt road in the middle of, well... a bunch of dirt.

Now, there's also a place in Canada named Twin Falls and it's literally what you would expect to find in a place with our namesake. Check out the falls... There's actually two of them.

Unlike here in Twin, where you have to spend a good 10-minutes explaining to visitors that Shoshone Falls is NOT the Twin Falls, and the Twin Falls has long since been reduced to a single falls... or fall?

Townsquare Media

If you'd like to visit Twin Falls in Canada, It's located in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. But, be careful.  There's been at least one accident where someone was swept over the falls.

If you know of any other places or towns named 'Twin Falls', be sure and leave a comment and let us know.