Barack Obama, America’s Gun/Ammo “Salesman Of The Year”.  Where can you get YOUR gun?

You can say what you want but Barack Obama has probably sold more guns and ammunition in the last four years than anyone else in the last 75 years.  That should make him the honorary “salesman of the year” for Smith & Wesson, Colt, Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Kimber and any other gun/ammo manufacturer you can think of.  Wow…that should look really good on his resume!

The whole irony of this is that the very same people who want to restrict our gun rights such as Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Schumer etc. are the same ones whose actions are making guns/ammo sell like nose plugs at a skunk growers convention.  And yet, by that same token, the fact that the manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand is making the very same items as scarce as good ideas at a “liberal rally!”  So I guess you could argue that they (the gun restrictors) are both helping and hurting their cause.

The whole gun control debate is a complex issue.  No one thing is going to fix the fact that mental wacko’s and evil dirt bags are killing innocent people and using the gun to do it.  But rather than argue the same old thing over and over again here, I want to give you some ideas on how to get a firearm if you are looking for one.

Right now it’s very difficult to get a gun at a gun store.  The stock of guns on hand is being depleted as soon as new orders come in.  So you pretty much have to be standing there when the shipment arrives if you are to stand a chance of getting one and even then it’s no guarantee.

There are some other avenues you can take to procure a firearm…for defense, sporting or hunting purposes of course!  However, you should be ready to pay more for it than you would have a mere 8 weeks ago.  Hey, it’s supply and demand working here.

One way is to keep your eye open in your local newspaper or Sooper Ads type of magazine for individuals who may be selling a gun.  It’s probably less likely now than it was a short time ago that you will find exactly what you are looking for but if you just want a gun (of any type) you stand a pretty good chance of finding one from a private party.

Estate sales are good sources of firearms.  But keep in mind that if you have your eye on one at an estate sale, no doubt someone else does too.  Around here there is really no LEGAL way to “stea”l a gun.  People around here in southern Idaho know the value of them and you aren’t going to get a “steal” unless maybe you do a private deal with someone who, for some reason, has no idea what a gun is worth.

Advertise on the social networks.  I see postings from time to time on Facebook where someone is looking for a gun.  Who knows?  You might get lucky and find someone who needs to sell one for financial reasons or maybe they have several and just decide on the spur of the moment that they could sell one and still be in good shape.

But, of course, don’t forget your local gun shop.  They do get shipments in and you might the lucky duck of the day.

However, just because you are lucky enough to find a gun to buy doesn’t mean you can shoot it.  All firearms need ammunition.  Have you tried to find ammo lately?  Even online distributors are displaying that dreaded OUT OF STOCK or ON BACKORDER banner on their websites.  People who have their own stockpile of ammo are reluctant to give any of it up for understandable reasons.  And when you do find it, prepare again to pay more than what you think it’s worth.  Supply and demand again.  Funny how that stalwart of American free enterprise can bite us on the backside from time to time.

You reload your own ammo you say.  Good job!   Have you tried getting the various ingredients lately for reloading?  Even if you have your own brass, the bullets, primers and powder are also difficult to find now.  Gun stores have lots of open shelf space where that stuff used to be for sale. Those shelves are now looking like the bread and milk shelves at a grocery store just before a hurricane.  But if you were smart and stocked up over time you are still in pretty good shape.

Maybe the party you bought the gun from is willing to part with some or all of the ammo.  If they won’t have that caliber to shoot anymore they just as well sell you the ammo too.  Since you can still purchase ammo through the mail you may still find an online distributor who has some for sale.

So, for the good times the gun manufacturers and ammo makers are experiencing right now they have President Barack Obama and a few of his right hand people to thank.  People who may have never had an inkling of owning a gun are now lining up at gun shows to get one.  People who have been asleep for the past decades are now beginning to realize just how out of control our government seems to have gotten.  Thanks to the anti-gunners in high places Americans are starting to answer that wake-up call!