We recently asked you to describe Twin Falls using just 4 words. Some of the responses were hilarious. Listener Shawn shared "No driving skills required". Completely agree with you on that one, Shawn. There is now a new recommended Idaho slogan that will either make you laugh and/or mad.

The website Thrillist came up with a very clever Honest Tourism Slogans For All 50 States. The one they came up with for Idaho fit with our four word limit and it's a scream. Check it out.

Current slogan: Famous Potatoes, Better slogan: Survivable, With a Helmet

Survivable, With a Helmet? I absolutely love that. That slogan would also work for Blue Lakes and/or Poleline.

Other ideas:

  • Stop Calling Us Iowa
  • Aren't All Football Fields Blue?
  • Stay In California
  • 80% Of Our State Is Rocks
  • Yes, We're Shaped Like A Swollen Foot

Feel free to add your own.