In this modern era of Internet when everyone can know everything on their smartphone, it's hard to remember what life was like back when many had to rely on brochures to know what an area was like. This brochure promoting the Magic Valley back in the 1950's will make you feel like you've jumped in a time machine.

Mr. Tourist, A Magical Vacation Awaits You In Magic Valley, Idaho

You know this is gonna be good when you see "Mr. Tourist, A Magical Vacation Awaits You In Magic Valley, Idaho". Good to know that even back then we were bragging about Shoshone being higher than Niagara Falls.

As much as I love that Mr. Tourist phrase, my favorite part of this has to be the map. There's a huge bird drawn over where Jerome would be. Hollister looks like it's gonna get clobbered by a monstrous skier. And, there's a giant hidden in the weeds (shooting at a mammoth duck) near Salmon Reservoir. Oh, and I don't want to know what the little man is doing up near Richfield. Ahem.

Check out the full brochure on Ebay. It will make you feel like you're a cast member on Leave It To Beaver on a vacation in 1950's Idaho.